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The Full Story

Mala Dolls were first created by Brujita Mala as a way to take her power back and gain justice. After sharing her story and content of the results her mala doll brought, many people sought after her for help in their journey to justice. Since then over 1,000 Mala Dolls have been customized and handmade by Momma Malita then baptized by Brujita Mala to help people around the world take their power back and gain the justice that they righteously deserve.

There are many misconstrued ideas about Mala Dolls being Voodoo Dolls, which is false. The difference between the two is that unlike voodoo dolls, our Mala Dolls are not a closed practice except for the fact that you cannot purchase Mala Dolls from anywhere other than Brujita Mala Inc. Other than that we have proud Mala Squad brothers and sisters all around the world, from different spiritual paths, different ethnicities/races, different colored skin and different sexual preferences. Here at Brujita Mala Inc. we do not discriminate and welcome everyone and anyone. Those who have Mala Dolls we consider a part of our "Mala Squad" family and we really do treat every single one of our Mala Squad brothers and sisters as family. 

Although the birth of Mala Dolls began for one purpose Brujita Mala Inc. is proud to say that we have Mala Dolls for every intention. Some of our Mala Dolls include our Love Me First Doll which is used for self love/care, shadow work, healing, glamour magic and much more; Target Doll which can be used for love; Domination Doll which is used to dominate your person, a boss, co worker, etc. ; Destruction Doll which is used to deservingly destroy someone's life typically in a form of karma, revenge, justice and taking back your power; Dinero/Money Doll which is used for financial abundance and prosperity; Prison Babe Dolls for your loved one incarcerated which allows you to keep a piece of your loved one close to you; Horoscope Dolls that can be used during the lunar phases, Deity Dolls that are made as altar pieces for your deity/God/Goddess that comes with storage to for petitions, offerings or target pictures. 


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