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WHEW my favorite time of year ! as a witch it is so important to give back to your dead especially now . how many of you have poured out a drink for your homies ? or put a blunt in the air for a lost friend or relative . the smallest things can be considered give back. and lets not forget about all the souls who dont have anyone to light them candles and don't have any family living to venerate them .

there are many different ways to help lost and abandoned souls and usually the easiest way is prayer . whether you use the Allen kardec book of prayers , doing the rosary to santisima muerte or praying the anima sola . one prayer can and will go a long way . this halloween i will be holding a seance with jeffery dahmer and i know many people are against it but in my line of work dealing with an intranquil spirit is nothing new to me and i am doing this with educational purposes in mind ! i truly belive even the most diabolical or intranquil of souls can be walked towards the light . not saying that he can be saved lol just saying in every spirit there is a story . im all about the underdogs or learning the why and why nots of a villian . this halloween lets accept not just the spirits of light but the earth bound spirits who dont always get a glass of water or a candle.

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