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Spell work & Rituals | Tarot & Crystal Ball Readings | Community Rituals | Consultations 

We have spell work and rituals for all of your intentions and needs. If you don't see a spell that fits your intentions you can always reach out to us through our website, Instagram or book a spell work consultation. Some of our popular spell work categories include Self Love, Love/Sweetening, Destruction, Cleansings and Fertility work. 

Our Community Rituals vary from different intentions. All of the candles we use during our are hand-poured and made by Pretty Flame Game in their website. All of our community rituals are now held privately on Trabajos_mala on Instagram.

We have an array of in-depth readings available including our readings for Love, Fertility, Spiritual, Mediumship, Crystal Ball and Emergency Same Day Readings. All readings except our Emergency readings are not available for the same day. Our policy states that if you book a reading the same day you will automatically be rescheduled.

Our consultations are not readings, they are to speak to your witch Brujita Mala about your situation and see what route is the best to go whether you're getting a spell work consultation or mala doll consultation. 

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